It all started with a baby named Theodore.

In 2016, George and his wife Olesya were preparing for the birth of their first child. The young couple felt overwhelmed by the amount of information they were expected to remember during childbirth education. 

In order to support his wife, George scanned all the hospital handouts into a Dropbox folder, so if Olesya had a pain or question, he could quickly search for an answer to help her.

When she was going through labor, however, he didn’t have time to look up notes and despite their best efforts, they both felt unprepared and stressed.

Thankfully, both Mom and baby were healthy. The couple took a deep sigh of relief as they believed the hardest part was over.

Upon returning home, they had a million questions they hadn't even thought to ask before giving birth. And now, there was a crying baby in the apartment. On top of sleep deprivation, dealing with physical recovery, and caring for Theodore the couple spent hours searching online for credible answers to their questions. 

George thought, “There has to be an easier way for new parents to get instant access to evidence-based information.”

Soon after, George and Atin met at General Assembly in NYC. Atin was a UX designer who had worked in education and upon interviewing new moms, found that many women struggle during postpartum due to lack of access to immediate and credible information. The duo teamed up to reimagine the postpartum experience for new moms.


Our Team


George Samoylov, Co-Founder - Business Development

George uses his experience as a father and husband to help support other families through Ellie. He holds a BA in Finance and Management from Long Island University and has worked in international asset management for the last decade. The birth of his first son, Theodore changed the lives of both George and his wife and inspired him to pursue building products for new and expecting parents. When he's not working, George spends most of his time chasing down little Theodore or skating on the Long Island City waterfront.

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Atin Mittra, Co-Founder - Product

Atin is a designer passionate about helping new moms access information to make confident decisions. He holds a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park. Before co-founding Ellie, Atin worked as a UX lead at the venture-funded startup, Meeteor, an adjunct professor in Design Thinking at the University of Maryland, College Park, and Founder of the financial education company, MADE. When not working, Atin volunteers with the non-profit, Impact NYC and sits on the board of The Creativity Foundation. For fun, Atin likes to play drums, shoot photography, and bike.

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Dr. Natasha K. Sriraman, MD MPH FAAP FABM (Advisor)
Pediatrician, Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters

Dr. Natasha Sriraman is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Eastern Virginia Medical School, researcher, and mother of three. Her main areas of research include breastfeeding, postpartum depression, immigrant health care and health disparities. She has spoken nationally on breastfeeding and postpartum depression and published extensively on these topics. Natasha sits on the Board of Directors of Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM) and is Chair of the Education Committee.

She has previously served as Education Chair for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Section on Breastfeeding and on the Board of Directors of Postpartum Support Virginia and advocates nationally for postpartum depression screening within the pediatric setting. 

Dr. Sriraman holds a B.S. in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania, an M.P.H. from University of Pittsburgh, and a M.D. from St. George's University School of Medicine. She completed her pediatric internship and residency at Westchester Medical College/New York Medical College, and completed a 3- year fellowship in Academic Pediatrics at Columbia University.  She later attained her IBCLC certification and worked in a lactation practice. 

When not working, Natasha enjoys running, yoga, boxing, traveling, and reading. She lives in Virginia with her husband, three kids, and dog.


Dr. Shaden Marzouk, MD MBA (Advisor)
Chief Medical Officer, Cardinal Health

Dr. Shaden Marzouk, MD MBA has over two decades of experience in healthcare, with expertise in devices, health technology, provider and payer services, and pharmaceuticals. Currently, she is the Chief Medical Officer at Cardinal Health, leading a global organization in clinical operations and medical affairs. Previously, she was an investment banker at Goldman Sachs in the healthcare group. She began her healthcare career as a neurosurgeon, treating patients, running a division of neurosurgery, and doing clinical research. She also has an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. In her spare time, Shaden likes to explore New York City and pursue the perfect coffee.

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Jeremy N. Krell, DMD, MBA (Advisor)
Director of Dental, Quip

Jeremy is an experienced healthcare entrepreneur and dentist. He holds a BS in Biology, Chemistry, and Business from Brandeis University, a DMD from Tufts University, and a MBA from University of Chicago. Jeremy has advised, started, led, and worked for startups in the dental, medical, health insurance, venture incubation, e-commerce, and web and graphic design industries. During his free time, Jeremy enjoys watching and playing tennis, spending time with his family, and has a penchant for pugs. 


Máire Clements, BSN, RN, IBCLC
Lactation Consultant

Máire is a holistic maternal-child health nurse, lactation consultant, educator and author. She holds a BS in Nursing from Columbia University. Máire has been serving new families in NYC and the metropolitan area for more than three decades in both the hospital and community settings. After years as a NICU nurse, Máire created the first Lactation Consultant position at Lenox Hill Hospital in the late 1980's. She has served on the board and as president of NYLCA and runs her own lactation practice, The Breastfeeding Salon. Máire's passion to support and empower women during the childbearing years has been unwavering. She is an outspoken advocate for breastfeeding as a foundation for lifelong health. 


Allegra Gatti Zemel, RN, IBCLC
Lactation Consultant

Allegra is a registered nurse, Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), and mother of three. She holds a BA in English from UC Berkeley as well as a BS in Nursing from Columbia University. Allegra has 15 years of experience in hospitals, classrooms, and in-home care and instruction around Maternal/Child Health and specifically breastfeeding. Allegra works to help each person feel equipped and ready for the wonder, transitions, and joy of a new baby with special attention to feeding and bonding.


Janet Bogardus, LCCE, CD(DONA), CLC
Lactation Consultant

Janet is a certified Lamaze childbirth educator, birth doula, prenatal yoga teacher, and lactation counselor.  She is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and is currently on faculty at Mt. Sinai West (formerly known as Roosevelt Hospital) in New York City, where she has been teaching group classes for over the last decade.  For those with busy schedules, Janet teaches privately as well, making home visits. Living in Manhattan, Janet resides with her husband, two dynamic teenaged daughters and lovable dog, Mars.  To learn more about Janet or to contact her, visit her website:


Danielle Jackson, RN, BSN, IBCLC
Lactation Consultant

Danielle is an Australian trained midwife who has worked in Maternal Child Health for 24 years. She has experience in NICU, labor and delivery, and for the last 12 years has worked in the midwife-based “Birthing Center” at New York City’s Mt. Sinai West Hospital. Danielle is dedicated to helping women and their families through the birthing process - from labor, to birth, and through the postnatal period. She is a IBCLC certified lactation consultant and takes pride in her role educating mothers about newborn care, breastfeeding, sleep and settling, and understanding newborn behavior. Danielle continues her dedication to the education of the new mother through her private practice, offering lactation consultancy and birthing education classes.