Your virtual breastfeeding care will happen over a HIPAA secure teleconferencing tool, called Your lactation specialist is a licensed and board-certified IBCLC with over thirty years experience helping new moms. 

Step 1: Select Your Care Package

When you need a credible answer


A 15-minute conversation with a lactation specialist who will clear up any breastfeeding confusion, helping put your mind at ease. The lactation specialist will educate you about any breastfeeding topic you're interested in learning more about. Perfect for critical questions that need a credible answer.

When you need personal attention


A 30-minute video consultation with a lactation specialist who will assess your breastfeeding health by asking key questions and observing you with your baby. The specialist will be able to help address challenges with milk supply, latching, sore nipples, engorged breasts, among others. She will give you guided tutorials to alleviate pain and improve your breastfeeding experience. 


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