Meet Ellie

Your virtual breastfeeding assistant


Ellie is an intelligent breastfeeding assistant that helps moms quickly identify and treat their breastfeeding challenges, 24/7 over Facebook Messenger.


Tips to get you started

Ellie gives you information and tips to keep you informed, confident and on-track when you're just getting started.


Troubleshooting if things get tough

Tell Ellie if you're feeling any discomfort and she'll ask you a few follow up questions to understand your challenge better. She'll give you immediate and directed information to help you alleviate pain.


Support to help you along your journey

A little pick-me-up every once in a while to put a smile on your face. Ellie checks in on you to see how things are doing and encourages you to reach your goals.


Approved by experienced lactation specialists


Trusted by thousands of moms

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"Ellie streamlines all of the data and shows you ONLY what you need to know like a specific web search, but follows up with you like a lactation consultant."

- Keri, mother of two

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“[Ellie is] wonderful for those middle of the night questions during your 2am feed.”

- Jillian, first-time mom


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